Kento Nakajima Kento Nakajima เคนท์ นากาจิมา stars in Japanese Drama【Guard center 24】!

【Guard center 24】is going to be broadcasted simultaneously in 6 asian countries on 16th September;

Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indnesia, Philippins,  Singapore and Thailand.

ジャニーズの中島健人さんが9月16日のドラマ「ガードセンター24  広域警備指令室」に主演します。

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Kento Nakajima stars「Guard Center 24」に中島健人が出演!

The stage of this drama is “The Security Guard Center”, a private security company.

Kento Nakajima roles Shinomiya Mamoru, a newly-hired emergency responder.




中島健人 ガードセンター24 Kento Nakajima Guard center 24

Did you know Mamoru(守)is Japanese male common name which means to protect, save or guard.

I thought that’s a good name for his role.

He is tasked to manage the security guards at the Guard Center to save and protect his clients.

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Kento Nakajima’s  profile 中島健人プロフィール

Lovely Kento

Kento Nakajima


Funny Kento

Kento Nakajima


Fabulous Kento

Kento Nakajima


Kento No.1!

Kento Nakajima

Date of birth: 13th March, 1994

Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan


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Conclusion まとめ

Please take a look at “Guard Center 24” preview and story synopsis.

It’s in Japanese and with no subtitle in your language, though.

To feel the drama and Kento’s role, I think it’s not too bad.

“Guard Center 24” trailer

Woooow I can’t wait to watch it!

Anyone in these 6 countries don’t miss it!